Cove Bowling Club    Founded 1910   Affiliated to Bowls England, Bowls Hampshire, North Hampshire WBA,   Farnham and District BA, Blackwater Valley BA and Aldershot and District BA

Cove Bowling Club

Bowling Green Code of Conduct


Dress appropriately and ensure that you know the dress code for each game or match in which you are participating

Ladies may choose either skirts or tailored trousers (full length, calf length or Bermudas)

Gentlemen must wear tailored trousers or Bowls England shorts of the appropriate colour i.e. white or grey. Socks for ladies and gentlemen are to be white or grey, as appropriate

Both gentlemen and ladies may wear white, predominantly white or club colours above the waist. Note: Predominantly white is a white shirt/top which includes coloured stripes and/or sleeves that has been purchased from a reputable supplier of bowls equipment and clothing.

Dress Code for Practice Roll Ups – Either greys or whites as above

Players, Umpires and Markers must wear flat-soled (heel-less) footwear when they play on the green or act as an umpire or marker. Ladies may wear bowling sandals but they are worn at the players own risk

Smoking on the green, or within a minimum of one metre of the green bank, is prohibited at all times. This includes all electronic cigarettes

Basic Etiquette

Our aim is to achieve a playing environment which can be friendly, competitive, shared and enjoyed by all

Please Remember – Good etiquette and manners make for a pleasant game and cost nothing


Allegations of misconduct by players under this Code of Conduct should be made in writing to the Club Committee who will consider if there is a case for a member to answer. The Club Committee will make known its findings to the relevant parties and if necessary publicise such outcomes in the club committee meeting minutes

Updated September 2019